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SlinkySlinky Posts: 2
What ever you do never ever trade with UKOPTIONS
They are the worse brokers I have ever used. They were actually worse than Titan trade now that's saying something.
I traded with them for 5 straight months and if I told you what I've been through you would recoil in horror.

-It ranges from them giving me bonus' I didn't ask for to lock my money in
- an account manager being abusive to me and hanging up the phone
- being passed on to different account managers who place large trades that lose( trading over 30% of my total account) without my knowledge or permission
- rude customer services
- calculating my account incorrectly and telling me I need to achieve a absolutely ridiculous turnover in order to make my first withdrawal (over 90 times the value of the bonus)
I've been to hell and back,
I have kept records of all the emails and live chat conversations as proof so anyone can see that what I'm saying is the truth.

I will continue trading but I will never ever use these people again they are the most unprofessional, scamming, amateurs ive ever come across.


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