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Indian guy calling me on the phone 10 times a day claiming to be BossCapital Broker

Greetings. Here Is my story Im gonna share and see If soebody has had similar things happening to them,and
also to warn somebody.

So , a few days ago I registered 2 pofiles on boss capital and banc de binary-just out of curiousity.
I have just started to reaserach online options, and watching some strategys online, but I am a complete newbie.

Anyways I registered 2 profiles, and gave my phone number during registration.-(FUCKIT next time i will write a fake number) ..but I didnt deposit any money ,since at the current moment Im basically broke

.. At the end of the night, I realised It is much better for me to just make an Demo Account on Iqoptions and practice for
a litlee time until I get a better at understanding the platform and binary trading.
Anway story starts next day in teh mornng : I was driving in the bus and traveling from my hometown to the other town where I live.

I received a phone call from an Indian guy telling me he works for Boss Capital and needs my info and my age.
I declined his call telling him that I am in the bus and dont have time to speak now.
The calls continued and while I was in the bus in the next 4 hours I had the call for more then 5 times.

Finally when I arrived home he called me again and this time I answered. The guy was offcourse telling me with an Indian Accent how he can help me
earn 5 000 euros every month, blablabla, how he will give me a "monetary manager " or someting blabla ,and I just have to deposit 250E.
I told him I DONT HAVE any mone and Iam not ready to deposit any money. Stupidly ..I gave him my credit card number and expiration date at te beggining but there is no money on the card..) but only later I realised I dont want to have anything with him and regretted it.

I told him a few times that I am giving up and dont want to do this anymore..but he continued to try to convince me.
He was telling me this same story many times
And even after I would say " I have NO MONEY" to deposit.. he was still asking me question like
"when will you be able to deposit this money" He was very pushy and manipulative and I didnt like it and by that time
I was angry about him NOT STOPING TO CALL ME.
I eneded my call jelling at him " im no giving you any money ". He gave me another call and afterwards even sended me an e-mail.
He claims to be Martin Grooter from boss capital.
Today I saw another unresposned phone call from him.

At this pount I dont know if I shoud become worried ,concered or what.

Would a REAL BROKER from a respectable company call a client 10times a day even after they clearly stated that they are not ready for deposit???

WOUD THEY? I dont think so.

But what the fuck. This guy is not giving up. Im just starting to be concered when I see his phone number poping up.
Since Im a you guys know If there is something I can do now?..Report him to somebody?

Is there anything that he can do? Can he steal my money from teh card if he has my number and expiation date?(but no password)?

Please give me some advice about what To do about this guy calling me and where to REPORT him .


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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    There is nothing you can do. Basically just ignore his calls. Giving your details over the phone = not clever. But at least you learned.

    Don't be surprised that from time to time you will be getting calls from other idiots who are representing another BO company and trying to sign you up. Just put the phone down and don't take future calls. Easy as pie.
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    Do more research in future and educate yourself before you enter anything.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Cancel the card inform the bank and get a new card and hey maybe even change your number.. Never give these scam brokers your phone number lol... Unless you are lonely then start calling them to talk lol.. Once they figure they can't get money from you, well odds are the are not going to be so conversational anymore... I would even tell them i want to deposit 100k and give them fake numbers string them along for days make them try to sell you. If you don't like what they do WASTE THEIR TIME On the phone.. Any of you want to help stop scam brokers they prank call them and waste their time :)
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    Well..Yeah I was naive the first time that he called me cause I didint know that so much of this broker pages are scams.

    I was thinking its some legit thing regulated by the law :(

    Gave him the number and expiration bu no password.. Is this still a problem?

    Im gonna go to my bank tomorrow anyway..

    ...but still..why is he insisting so much? Its obvious that Im a poor ass college dropout ,why the fuck does he thik that calling me 10times a day will give him a chance?? Its just making it more obvios that he is psycho...I dont get it. its just creepy.

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Well good question because he is likely 3rd world either from Israel India Phillippines or some other underdeveloped country and likely they do not have a good command of the english language. They will just keep pushing for those who are dumb enough to fall for the scripts they are given.
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    spaceprincess777spaceprincess777 Posts: 3
    Ok ..Everything is just fine, and after few days of not responding the guy has given up,and my bank account is fine .hheeh. Ok. I got scared that this was just a big conspiracy against me, but its all over now :D
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