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He's back with a scam auto trader called Neo2. The motto of this one is weather satellites predicting forex movements! Haha. Any comments?


  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    What is to comment on it looks beyond retarded, anybody who falls for that has to be dumb as butter... The most funny part is the guy calls himself a "Weather Enthusiast" wtf is that? ROFL ... Not a meteorologist but rather a guy that is enjoys weather... Yeah that sounds like a fun hobby bet he is great at parties... It is all made up BS with plastic looking 3rd rate actors and a storyline that even the SYFY channel would have a hard time passing off...
  • TigerTiger Posts: 23
    yep that's right
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    all you have to say is Michael Freemon and we can be sure there is a scam involved.
  • TigerTiger Posts: 23
    Update, Michael facebook group will stop providing binary options signals starting next year 2018. They stated that all binary option companies are not legit. They are all scams. They will continued with forex signals only.
  • TigerTiger Posts: 23
    This is the actual post

    "Starting January 1, 2018, we will NO LONGER be providing binary options signals and education. Instead, we will focus on Forex, as well as CFDs, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

    Why? Well, first of all, binary options trading recently became illegal where Michael resides. But more than that, we have realized that serious day traders cannot hope to become financially independent by trading binary options. Whenever you start making too much money, the brokerages, even the most legit ones, will terminate your account. The reason is that in binary options you're playing against the house. So when you make money, the broker losses. They cannot afford to provide service to very profitable traders."
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    Yeah, duh. All binary options scam brokers are illegal or out of business because SpotOption and TechFinancials stopped doing binary. no more white labels, a lot less anyway, and more regulated brokers. no more chances for his fraud. What a joker, watch out though, he'll be back with CFD's and Crypto too, mark my words.
  • TigerTiger Posts: 23
    So the way I see it, Binary options is dying at a rapid speed? I wonder how many still trade in these platforms?
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    they aren't dying but they are suffering from a cancer of fraud. There are legal operators, just few of them compared to the host of scams that are out there. NADEX isn't going away, I doubt Cantor exchange will either, and any of the CySEC brokers that are making money will likely not go away either... and the FCA is about to regulate in the UK so there could be some more brokers coming from there too....
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