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Newbie seeking a little advice.

Hi Guys

Just looking for a bit of advice and if trailing the systems etc parts of the forum are a good bet? I am trying to build a plan.

First of all there is no emotion attached to my trading. I have a well paid (ish lol) job that is secure with prospects so I'm not looking for the elusive "get rich" plan that would likely loose my cash in a few days. I'm coming into this for the long term, to learn and to be patient and try and make a bit of money in the long term ofcourse.

I'm looking to start of with about £400 and want to trade 1% of my investment. Low risk low reward for the first 3-6months. £4 a trade if you can go that low for 10 trades a day. I know I can't just guess and hope luck will choose the trades I should look for when going for high low so that is my next step.

I need to learn the candlestick graphs etc then think about making a plan which is where I may need a little guidance.

Thanks to anyone in advance for reading this.


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    ehenderichsehenderichs Posts: 22
    Your intro resembles my situation as well. You may already found out that a lot of the information out there is designed to get you sign up and/or lose all your money quickly. This site seems to be legit and has some good articles about binary options.

    So I just came across 'visual guide to candlestick charting' which seems to give an good (complete) overview. The guys here probably don't mind refering you to another website, since it seems they are acquainted maybe even friend. The website is 'binary options that suck', they have a pretty good tutorials categorized according knowledge level.
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    This website is very legit. I am not affiliated nor friends with any of the big guns here. As someone who was scammed and almost gave up thinking this whole BO industry is for the dogs - I came across this website and have never looked back. The information shared here ABSOLUTE FREE is invaluable and best of all no BS.

    Yes, it's true. One of the contributors to is tied in to binary options that suck. But that website is also selling you nothing and offering all the content for free with no BS.

    To conclude: There are good guys in the BO world but don't take anything on face value. Investigate and you will be able to determine rather quickly who you can trust and who you cannot.
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    matty1938matty1938 Posts: 19
    Thank you raiden. I am trying to be patient and not go in to this as a gambler. I just want to make a bit on the side to build a portfolio to act as savings. I'm all for consistent small gains...sounds easier than it actually is I'm sure!
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