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Trading in the evening, as after 18:00 GMT

So as some already know I am fairly new to binary options. I live in the Netherlands and have a day job, like to have my dinner and do some sports. So effectively I only have the evening to learn and practise binary options. Reading tutorial, blogs and .... it seems this is the most crappy time to do so.

Most currency pairs seem to have little movement (just a few pips), seem mostly ranging, some with a slight trend. At first glance it is hard to predict movement since these are so small. The indicators I have read about seem to give better signals during active trading hours, like overlapping open markets.

For example: wanted to test the MTF stochastics indicator but on most currency pairs the H1 indicator are flat and both lines on top of each other. Did manage to identify some candle stick formations and traded correctly on those but that could have been beginners luck.

At this moment I am not sure how to proceed. Could well be this problem is just in my head and I need someone to slap it out. I am a long long way from quiting my dayjob ;) so any advice here is welcome. Thanks in advance.


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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    London on it's own, the overlapping of London/New York and New York on it's own is the best time to trade. There is more volume and movement is better. A suggestion I will make is to perhaps trade USD with other pairs only.......your time zone and time you are able to trade will be during the NY open.
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