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I'm up and running now for signals

So I am up and running now with 24option. I have a few lessons I believe I am going to have with them.

I am going to sign up for signal give as well, how much extra is the human signal extras?


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    BSB_ATPBSB_ATP Posts: 2
    Hi Matty.

    Each signal provider has their own monthly subscription, which allows you to sign up to one human trader or more if you wish.

    While Signal Hive focuses on providing straight forward signals, you might want to look into joining Blue Sky Binary Traders university as well if you want to learn to trade.

    Good luck!
    All the best,
    BSB Oto
    Head of Automation
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    matty1938matty1938 Posts: 19
    How does the signals work if you don't mind me asking? Are they flagged up real time and you have to be on your brokers app to do the trade or put / call etc?
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    matty1938matty1938 Posts: 19
    And I will certainly look into that, thank you
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