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Any tool to auto trade signals from different providers?

daugustodaugusto Posts: 1

I am new to binary options but I seem to have found a signals service that´s worth.
However, most of the signals come when I´m not in front of my computer.
Is there any software that you can configure to place trades from signal providers that don´t have their own robot?


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    First, signal services are 99.5% of the time total BS. As for a robot to trade their signals probably not, auto traders and robots typically will want you to sign up and deposit with their recommended brokers so they can get an affiliate commission from your deposit.
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    clone_my_tradeclone_my_trade Posts: 2
    edited June 2016

    I am new to this forum. And the reason I registered is actually because I want to provide exactly the service you are looking for. I will launch a new thread soon. But since you've asked the question. I have a tool you are looking for.

    What our tool can do right now:
    1. Replicate trades from to account. Doesn't matter if its demo or live.
    2. Replicate trades from any signal ( i.e. chat text message, email, file.) to account
    3. Set copy %
    4. Set maximum trade size

    My intension is to create the service people actually need. So for now I will provide service for free for all the ones who help testing and providing feedback.

    In case you are interested lets communicate in this thread or you can PM me. ( Not sure if i have a luxury of using PM with my one post though :) )

    P.S. I dont want you to sign up using any affiliate links. The reason I am using this broker is because of nice payout rates. We might develop connections to other brokers if we have enough requests from people.
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    mscoffmanmscoffman Posts: 14
    Dear Mr. clone_my...

    I'd like to see something similar except I'd like to see the signal side,
    and the broker side work completely independently. Also you shouldn't
    limit yourself to thinking binary options but include the concept of forex
    signals as well. For example I've used random access computer data files
    as a mutex flags between two independent processes on a standard OS.
    Since most computer languages can handle files, a person could write the
    signal -> to -> brokerage text converter in any language he chooses. He
    could expect to run this in background and work in either Windows OS or
    Linux. Where this would really luck out is that one could monitor the text
    data streams for operations that can now blow out accounts such as too
    many martingale trades in a row or major monetary deposits in the copied
    account that really changes the expected interaccount gain ratio. This thing
    about forex is that one could use free binary-options signals to trade forex
    pair securities.

    The problem with most other companies is that they chase computationally
    unsophisticated users around and you end up with the same company on
    both sides of the communications link, when what you really want is the
    ability to pick your own broker and independently pick your own signal
    supplier. Then either one of them can be replaced for their bad behavior
    without having to start looking from scratch...all over again.

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    JordacheJordache Posts: 6
    I'm interested Clone my. What's PM ?
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    clone_my_tradeclone_my_trade Posts: 2
    Hi mscoffman,

    Well the way it works right now it is independent (broker and signals). We can either copy signals from other broker account. Either from any more or less structured signal. Adding other brokers is not a problem from technical side. its just a question of added value and resources.

    Forex signals is doable as well. Although it's a bit different functionality ( project ). I've tested the idea of using binary signals on forex - but it didnt bring any positive longterm results. If there is value in it - we will definitelly add that in time. But for now we want to concetrate our resources on improving binary siganls tool.
    mscoffman said:

    Where this would really luck out is that one could monitor the text
    data streams for operations that can now blow out accounts such as too
    many martingale trades in a row or major monetary deposits in the copied
    account that really changes the expected interaccount gain ratio.

    Monitoring data streams is not too hard to implement. But the person still needs to be available to monitor there. And in case trades are going on when person is not available it will not protect account from crazy operators.

    I think its better to create auto filters to limit signal provider's risk. For example there is a filter already implemented which alloww to
    1. Limit the maximum bet size from provider - to limit maximum allowed martingale trade.
    2. Limit the amount of same time trades.
    It's possible to add stop-loss filter. But its also a good idea to only pick signal providers which follow declared money management.
    Jordache said:

    I'm interested Clone my. What's PM ?

    Hi, Jordache. It's private message. Could you please send a sample of signal and source. If it's binary account - it can be setup instantly.
    Setting up signal from any other source will require some setup.
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    leonferraraleonferrara Posts: 1
    Hello :)
    I am Leon Ferrara from new York. I want to say thanks for this information able discussuon.
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    my signal provider trades at the same time each day so i never miss a trade they are slightly different to the run of the mill service as i need to use a chart to the correct entry for the signal (probably why the results are so good tbh ) last week was 31 trades only 3 losses for me
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Sigh... all these people who want to get rich without making any effort.
    No time to learn
    No time to trade
    No time to research
    ... Two months later: "I have lost thousands".

    I know I don't sound nice seriously either learn how to trade
    or it's better you quit. If you haven't taken most of the signals, how do you know
    the signals are good? Because they said so?
    Good luck.
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