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Has anyone tried Updown Signals?

Seems to be the only one that looks kinda legit to me. If anyone has tried can you please share your experience ?


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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    All the signs are there. Not legit. Give them a skip and keep your money where it belongs.
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    mscoffmanmscoffman Posts: 14
    I am just getting setup, so I can't say I've actually tried them. But one thing I do say is; these guys
    are something I would like to be able to test quickly in a demo account, and if *you* can't I
    would have to say maybe you should ask the question why you can't? If their signal is entirely fake
    you should be able to tell in a few days. If this is an over-optimized system it will take much longer
    but should provide sufficiently profitability to function until their wheels come off. $67USD (I assume)
    monthly is still quite a bit so they need to work without much excuses. Being able to use their signal
    in an unambiguous way, is another question that also needs to be answered. Also, I would never
    trade with real money until they operated successfully in demo mode account unless this is a scalper
    that demands millisecond communication accuracy and controlled broker spreads or some such.
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    Agreed. Definitely don't use a new service on a live account.

    If you scratch a bit deeper you will find that there are complaints about UpDown.....trades that were losses but is then published as winners......and a bad ITM rate. I would rather not add myself to the statistic as another sucker for UpDown's business model.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    Signals are usually bunk, if these guys could actually trade accurately enough to be worthwhile why aren't they just trading and making real money and retiring early ?
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