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Great the English have dumped the EU and will plunge the world into economic turmoil once again! The CHINA flash crashes were not enough now we need this? Well thank Angela and her policies for immigration as the primary cause of the BREXIT as it was a singular issue non economic in nature that caused them to leave. Thanks Angela you dumb ___! When stupid is out of Germany all of Europe will do better but unfortunately the damage from this will be long lasting... Wise to be very careful in trading the next week or so as markets will be feeling the abuse of this vote for sometime to come.



  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    Too true, it's happening all over Europe. my friends in UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Bulgaria and elsewhere all say the same thing... but the vote was still quite a surprise, the polls were so close but mostly in favor of staying, just goes to show you can't trust them. Once the dust clears I think this will be a great opportunity for longer term bullish positions... the UK economy is still strong, one of if not the strongest in Europe.. exiting won't hurt them too much, it'll just take a little time for them to stabilize. The EU on the other hand is filled with a bunch of crappy economies.. France, Spain, Greece and more that will eventually take the good down with it... like Germany, too bad for them.
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    Germany is going to make them pay for this hardcore, they have no choice and have been stating it as I am told all over their TV which means they are going to raise prices on the UK's import economy like a mother and that is going to hurt them. They get to be an example to keep the other countries in line... *Gets popcorn but really it is stupid the EU was good for everybody, too bad they got stupid with immigration policies that were 100% retarded and is what gave them the edge to do this. Next Scotland is going to vote to leave the UK because of this. All of this is just bad for economics as you want everybody working together not apart as we live in a global world. We do not suffer from abusing each other like one country vs another such as vikings or romans lol.. Times are a bit different. Them leaving is bad for everybody, bad for markets bad for economics across the board. But the blame really was on Merkel and how the Germans got stupid with immigration. You phucked europe now they want to phuck you! Bend over Angela!
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    The vote was absolutely won on the immigration issue. What is interesting is that in order to strike a trade deal, I suspect the EU will demand free movement - so immigration will be just as it is now. The Leave campaign is already backtracking on some of their immigration and investment claims. There is also talk of waiting for the French and German elections before making key exit decisions....this could take a while ;-)
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    Sucks because none of this needed to happen the markets are going to be screwed and worse it is during summer where low volume rules so this will make it even more random... *Protection mode ON...
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