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Eclipse Finance and Top Binary Signals (TBS) are Scam

AAM1611AAM1611 Posts: 1
It all started when I purchased binary options signals from (TBS). The signals were mostly accurate and my account manager at TBS advised that I open an account with Eclipse Finance ( and try their managed account services. I opened an account and the team at eclipse finance was very helpful and efficient in responding to my queries and accepting my documents. I initially started with a $15k account with a 100% bonus. I was advised that there was a 35x turnover requirement on the bonus amount before I could withdraw any money from the account.

My account manager at TBS then informed me that if increased my account balance to $50k, I will be able to withdraw my profits on a monthly basis. Happy with the supposed performance of my account till then, I increased the balance to $50k on 9th November 15.

I was supposed to get a welcome gift of Iphone and Macbook Pro and a debit card to withdraw my profits within 14 days. After the end of first month, I placed a withdrawal request through Eclipse website, which was rejected citing incomplete documents. I replied by giving a screen shot of my account in which all documents had been accepted by Eclipse Finance and put another withdrawal request. That request was also rejected citing “turnover requirement not met”. I tried contacting my account manager at TBS and Eclipse (on call and emails) but off course there was no response.

I then got an email from another person at Eclipse saying that I can withdraw only 5% of my profits per annum and remaining amount can only be withdrawn once the turnover requirement is met and that my debit card and other freebies will take one month to reach – this was on 7th December.

When I posted about them on another Forum, i was able to get a response from them which said that i will not be able to withdraw any money until i meet the turnover requirement, which is 35x of bonus amount even for the $50k account. They essentially went back on their word and have stopped replying to me since then.

Recently, my and some other account balance were reduced to zero. As per Eclipse Finance and TBS, this was a result of cyber attack which impacted some accounts. All in all, i advise anyone reading this to avoid investing with them at all cost. So far I have come across no one who is a "real" person and has drawn money.
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