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Hi everyone

MahargMaharg Posts: 24
Glad I found this site. I'm from the UK and new to Binary Options.


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey there, welcome!
    You need a practice account before you invest money but of course you need to learn
    the most basic stuff first.
    I recommend you start reading some articles/guides on the main page!
    You also need charts so you can use strategies and use technical analysis.

  • MahargMaharg Posts: 24
    I have had a demo account with IQ options for a couple of months and very recently with Marketsworld. Yesterday I followed your guide for getting Metatrader 4 and setting it up and looking at some of the articles, guides and strategies. I'm starting again from the ground up as I have experience with some of the white label brokers (yes, suckered, but not too badly as I quickly came across sensible and honest info especially from here). The ego is slightly bruised and self esteem has a few dents but eyes open now.
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    It happens to all of us don't worry about it.
    At least now you came to the right place. Focus on learning price action.
    In my opinion, everything else is just BS. Work hard and learn how to actually
    read the charts and you can make some cash. Check out my trading diary too and
    feel free to create your own and I can check it out and help out!
  • MahargMaharg Posts: 24
    Great stuff.
    Where can I find your diary please and to create my own, thanks again.
  • MahargMaharg Posts: 24
    I get it, trading journal.

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