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Hello, do you know this bo signals site : ?
I'm following their signals from a week and they seems good.

I'll wait your feedback.



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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Never seen it before but I don't trust signal services in general.
    Tell us more, what do they want? Money? Broker sign-up? Our blood?
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    sdw406sdw406 Posts: 5
    I tried it for a while, there is a slight delay between them getting the signal and sending it to you so it can be quite hard to get your call/put entry point right & thus when they get an itm you don't.
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    sdw406 said:

    I tried it for a while, there is a slight delay between them getting the signal and sending it to you so it can be quite hard to get your call/put entry point right & thus when they get an itm you don't.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Well then, there you go.
    As I said, you can't trust them and their results.
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    spunkispunki Posts: 4
    I know that topic is very old but i would like to share my experiences with that service with u. First of all the website offers a good overview about 7 currencypairs and their last 100 trades on that pair. Yes! you can trust your eyes by reading this... with around 100 trades for every pair each day (so around !700! trades day by day) that sounds like a huge robot terminator - or a big loosing machine ;-) And I was very sceptical from day1 when i started observing that service. About ~65-75% itm day by day sounds like a gold digger tool. But after observing there results and taking my own excel sheets from their itm/otm results i was sure that this could be a good chance for me to start following.

    But now comes my own results by following their sevice. Of course you can follow their service with free registration. but you get the signals with a 15-20seconds delay and also a limited connection time each day. they offer also a premium payment modell which is not very overpriced in my opinion. With that huge amount of trades opened each day i came to the conclusion after one week that following and clicking some trades over the time manually is not very attractive. So. I wrote an autoit script to read the website code for new signals. each time a signal is published, my bot opens that same position with a tiny delay. Till now i did not have a single trade which opened exactly at the same opening price like them. One point is that the service opening trades in the momentum when a huge move starts in a direction (if someone from u can explain to me how they manage that each and everytime with that huge possibilty - gets a cookie from me ;-) ) and my entry is more or less at the end of that big move and the possibility that the price stands above that mark is very random. I also tried to use my signal as pullback from their signal (so a position in the opposite direction from them with 1-2 minutes expiry. in theory if you check their historical results there is very often a pullback if their signal is shot) but i found out that this is much gambling thought because you never know how big that move in their direction is and when that pullback maybe occures. So in the end i am still trying to get the delay under control.

    I think that the slippage is also based on the delay they have to upload it on to the webservice + the delay to get it shown on the clients browser + my robot to copy that signal. But in the end i can not stop thinking about that service... if one day i will find a way to copy that signal with a small delay or on the other hand find the key to the strategy/indicators they using for opening those trades because their success rate is awesome over the time, i will be happy.

    If someone else from u with more experience in bo's and in trading can give me his own thoughts about that service and its results, i would appreciate that!

    Iam looking forward for any hints about fixing my delay problem like someone with great software programming skills from you! you are welcome to help me

    thanks for reading until here :-)
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    JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    I agree that you shouldn't fully trust the services that offer signals. If everything was so easy and nice, they would use these signals in their trading and wouldn't sell them.
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    spunkispunki Posts: 4
    edited March 2018
    I wanted to give you an update because I recieved private messages from users who asked for my experiences:

    First of all Iam not following the signals from binary-signaldotcom anymore. I did subscribe for the service for a couple of time.

    For myself I have following conclusion:

    The signals shown on the website got a delay of a few seconds. So it looks like a scam/fraud. Because their entries are very early and strangely always right before a big move in the chart. So they manipulate and want you to think that it looks like you have a chance to follow their signal. But you will not be profitable. They make money because you buy the subscription to follow their signals.

    I did code a small bot for myself to follow their signal with less than 2 seconds delay. But my results are unprofitable. So do not give them money for trying it out.

    Better try to learn to trade by yourself. I would recommend to learn it by yourself (for example blueskybinarydotcom) and if you had problems with your brokers in the past and you are looking for a new broker i would recommend you to have a look at - Its a new trading platform which goes live on the 1st of may this year. Fully decentralized, brokerless on the ethereum blockchain. So no fraud, no price manipulation and you do not have to deposit money and risk your capital because of unserious brokers.

    Have a nice day ;-)
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    Hi Spunki,
    I tried this web sites signals in demo account and it normally gives me 65-75% win rate still. But , I need one help from you. You earlier mentioned that you used a autoit script to read the website code for new signals, I would like test these signals again using that if you allow me. I do like to publish my results and details for others to use as well. Can you please let me know how you use it and send me message if youI would like discuss with me. Thanks
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