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Boss Capital Scam

kevankevan Posts: 1
Don’t use Boss Capital.
I became homeless because I trusted one of Boss's Senior Brokers who was also their Risk Aversion Specialist.

I initially invested £350 with Boss in July last year but after days of badgering and endless telephone calls I was convinced into increasing my investment to £5000 by this sweet talking American woman who had decided she was my account manager. In doing so the broker told me that she was so confident with the trade that she would match my £5000 and put £5000 of her own money as a bonus. Nothing was ever explained about bonuses.
This trade lost but the broker told me it was rather unfortunate but if I lose she loses so it was in her interests to ensure I get on top of the trading. I was sceptical but I again trusted her. I was given contracts for a further £10,000 investments that were called for by her. I admitted I knew nothing about trading to her. These I might add all failed bar 1.

So after 6 weeks I had invested well over £17,000 which had been tied to contracts .I was never told straight out by my broker what contracts meant. And when I did I was fobbed off. I was never told that if I invested more money it would be worthless as I knew nothing about this ££x30 turnover carry on.

Because I was not prepared to deposit any more money my broker ceased phoning me but instead my details and trading account history was passed on to (a senior floor manager who was a great and trusted friend of my brokers) this American guy who spent 45 minutes trying to get me to invest a further £15000 (which I did not have) and said he would match my investment to help me get out of the mess I was in. He told me to stop trading forex and assured me that in 3-4 months we would be in the money. I still did not realise that my expected turn over figure was nearly £650,000. Anyway he pestered me for nearly 2 weeks until I told him no!! I have no more money left.

Needless to say I had hit rock bottom, all my savings had been stolen, scammed and cheated from me; I was homeless.

I would also like to add that the platform crashed on many occasions and also changed expiry prices causing me to lose thousands trading forex ....I was cheated by the platform crashing on me to the tune of £20,000 .

This was most frustrating because despite my losing more than £30,000 on the signals and advice of my broker I was getting some results trading on forex by myself until the platforms strangely messed me about. Eventually I knew that I had been scammed out of my money. I contacted my bank, Boss managers but to no avail. I was on heavy medication living out of a suitcase while my 'senior broker ' risk aversion specialist was boasting how she had just bought her mum a brand new home in USA ??? I felt so ill and depressed to the extent I was suicidal. Emails and info from Boss was not forthcoming, only new account managers wanting me to invest more money while not answering my questions regarding volume, how much money my broker had made from me and why I hadn't been told of bonuses etc. I gave up!

However I was given a glimmer of hope when I was contacted by several other trader who had suffered similar indignity. And then I got some inside information that the company and its trading platform was bogus and run by an even bigger scam based in Israel ...this company has control of all of the platforms and using a 'spreadbetting ' system was able to screw innocent people like myself. The inside information came from ex-employees who were paid off by Boss.

So I have been pursuing my case trying to get my money back. I am contacting Boss regularly asking for answers but to no avail until yesterday, I have been offered £27,000 x20 back into my account (a big old 554000 euros to play with) hell no. But as an extra gesture of goodwill they have also offered me a free 12 day cruise for me and my partner (choice of three dates) and a free webinar (which I should have got 12months ago). Bribe, scare mongering? All I know is BOSS and Rushmore are corporate thieves worldwide scammers and I won’t rest until justice is served.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey Kevan! Sorry to hear that and this happens to many
    beginners unfortunately.
    About that last part of your comment, don't let them brainwash you again with cruises and bonuses
    and webinars... What's the point of trading on a platform that cheats. If they want to "bribe" you then at least
    have them pay back your investment.
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    suchiangsuchiang Posts: 63
    Ashole you sell your signal service ...
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