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Broker with the widest selection of underlying stocks

ApaApa Posts: 1
I do not have much experience with different brokers and find it hard to get a good overview of their respective selections at a glance so I will post here and see what your experiences are.

Here is the thing: I want to be able to trade binary options with as many underlying assets as possible. Stocks to be more specific.
In general from what I have seen brokers only offer a handful of stocks as underlying assets in addition to the usual commodities and currency pairs...
But is there any Binary Options Broker that offer options for even the smallest companies of the Nasdaq for example?
My guess is there are no such brokers, offering thousands of different options but I thought I would ask.

So: Any Binary Options broker out there with a huge arsenal (like thousands) of stocks as underlying assets?

Please avoid starting conversations about why it would be stupid to trade binary options on small companies/I should use X strategy instead and stay on topic.



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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    to be honest you don't need that many assets to trade. You'll wind up chasing charts all over the place and losing money. Also, just because a broker lists a whole bunch of assets on a page doesn't mean those will be available. All you need are the major currency pairs, an index or two, gold and oil. And for them to be available for trading all the time.
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