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athan12athan12 Posts: 1
Hi everyone!

I'm new to this industry. I've never traded before. I make "SOME" money off of sports betting, but I would like to learn new things.

I've been reading on this forum and the top suggestion I've red was to start a demo account.

I'm from the USA and I would like to ask if there is anyone here on the forum that is from the USA. I would like to ask if you could recommend any good broker that accepts USA traders and doesn't have any problems with withdrawals.

I also need a broker that accepts Bitcoins.

Thank everyone!


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey welcome.
    See that's the problem, "good brokers" don't accept US traders cause they know it' illegal.
    For US, I can only recommend Nadex.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    I'm not sure about the bitcoin thing, there are brokers that will accept them but I think they are mostly flying under the radar. I suggest you exchange some for real money, and use NADEX. NADEX is the best choice for us US traders and is actually way more fun once you get the hang of it.

    here's an article about two things you should know about NADEX, also has links to other information.
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    TobiasRobinsonTobiasRobinson Posts: 45 admin
    Nadex offer exchange traded options which mean they generate income via their spread. Over the counter brokers operate more like a bookmaker, where you are trading "against the house". As someone with a background in sports betting, you will realise the "overround" you need to make up will be much smaller with an exchange than with an OTC broker offering 80% (for example).
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    NightgardenerNightgardener Posts: 22
    Athan12, I just read this thread, and I would just have to say I agree, Nadex is your safest bet. I looked at several alternatives, and I decided on Nadex. I just now tried to find out if they accept bitcoins, but couldn't figure it out. Honestly, I don't think they do, but I don't know for sure. Just ask them....most brokerages answer your inquiries very quickly, because they want your business. Well, technically Nadex is not a brokerage, but an exchange, but they are very responsive. I don't know your reason why you have to have a broker that accepts bitcoin, but I would caution you that there are a lot of flaky brokerages out there. It may not be difficult to find a broker that accepts bitcoin, but the main question should be, is your money safe?! Here is a link to a good article Michael Hodges wrote on Nadex a few weeks back: I have no affiliation with Nadex and have no reason to recommend them except I believe they are the most trustworthy alternative for those of us residing in the US. Good luck.!
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    kema43kema43 Posts: 5
    is CT Option regulated in the usa? thanks
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