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hi guys im just wondering if anyone has any advice on the new iq options robot/auto trader ive had a look and built some and found that when i come to testing its saying same i would make the same amount of profit in 7 days as i would in 30. im finding this confusing as surely the robot would see more signals in 30 days than 7. Also has anyone had any success using this feature already i know its early days yet just thought id ask. many thanks.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hmm, your post doesn't make much sense but a general rule is:
    Robots and autotraders are scams. Either learn how to trade or just quit. My honest answer.
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    abbcjabbcj Posts: 2

    I've been looking for a post about IQRobot for ages haha.....

    I've also constructed several robots, and have found the testing to be very temperamental. For example, earlier when testing 'within 7 days' it showed 10 trades, yet when testing 'within 30 days' it showed less trades, which clearly doesn't make sense.

    Have you also experienced 'error 503 server unavailable' a lot? annoying haha!

    Given that it is fairly new they will hopefully get the issues sorted out cos for those that don't know how to code robots it seems as though it could be a really useful tool.

    Have you had more success lately?

    I'll keep you updated if I notice improvements or if I manage to create a robot that is consistently high ITM%
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    zyberclubzyberclub Posts: 1
    Hello, I'v just start learn about iq robot for a while. It's very cool to me. it's like a new solution for programming with no coding.
    But I very often found 'error server unavailable'. The support told me have to patient. Well, I understand. It's very new system and under development.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    Sorry to hear about the errors. IQRobots is a great development, so long as it works well. Have you had success using the robots you made?
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    wkdmartywkdmarty Posts: 8
    Please please PLEASE, think LONG AND HARD about using IQ Option robots. I've been using them for a few weeks and it's been horrific. Not only has there been connection issues, but the robots are ERRONEOUS.

    Please be aware that the stop-losses you put on your robot are not withheld and the bot WILL trade past them. I've had 2 stop-losses broken by a robot causing £300 and £100 losses which should never have happened.

    Please see these images.

    You can clearly see that I want the robot to reset after 6 unsuccessful trades, but look what happened...

    Once this happens, you are then at the mercy of your account manager, who will try and fob you off with not refunding the money.

    She keeps telling me that "the robots section is in beta" but nowhere on their site does it say this.

    Unfortunately, I'm locked into this site now because of the bonus scheme, but once I'm out of this scheme, I will take my money elsewhere.

    If the robots stuck to what you program them to, it would be ok, BUT THEY DON'T!!! You have been warned!

    I also have a call outstanding with them about £900 worth of loss trades which I believe was NOT what the robot was programmed to trade, but they will not show proof that they were correct trades, even after I've shown proof that they weren't...Bye bye £900.

    I wish I had never signed up with them.

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    wkdmartywkdmarty Posts: 8
    Avoid IQ Option, as per my other post, I've taken to Visa to get my deposit back, as soon as I mentioned IQ Option, they said "We've had quite a few Chargebacks for this company, mainly because funds were not released back to the customer when they were withdrawing funds" - OMG, they've not giving out the funds when customers click Withdraw!?!?! WTF!
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    Thank you for your interest, anyway after careful consideration, the team concluded that the service was not performing up to our high standards of quality.
    Both Integrity and Respect for our users remain key values of IQ Option, thus the operation of IQ Robots was ceased by January 17th, 2017
    Meanwhile, we kindly advise you to stick with the original IQ Option Trading Platform.
    Plenty of technical instruments for analysis are already available on the platform, and you can easily activate them when trading.

    Regarding the withdrawals, you can always create a withdrawal request in your personal cabinet. If you have any issues with, please, contact our Support Team:

    Also, please, note that chargebacks are prohibited.

    IQ Option Support Team
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