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New Here and have a few questions.(Brokers etc). BO Mentor?

huskyFundhuskyFund Posts: 1
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First of all I am a Software Engineer and Marketing Specialist in Canada.
Have been interested in BO for a long time.

My main issue with starting Options in general and BO to be specific are as follows;
- Brokers manipulating prices... ( IQ Option for sure does this from my standpoint)
- Hard to know which broker to use and which ones to trust ( So much marketing going on you have no idea what forum or website is paid to display what)
- Training in Forex ( I have a descent finance background)
-MT4 timing with BO brokers
I am mainly interested in MarketWorld as it seems to have a good reputation,Looking for a good broker for Canada with little to no manipulation.

I mainly am doing this to make some extra income.

I;am well aware of the scams around the internet and will never use an automated system.

So for someone looking to get into this trade where should I start?
Looking at some courses and I am more than willing to pay for them.
Looking to start investing around 300-500.
Looking for calculated and information based training or mentoring to remove the newbie gambling aspect.

Hope to hear from a few serious BO Traders and possibly a Mentor or where to find a serious one who will not run away with my money and actually teach me this trade and analysis.

Would also like to know how much people are profiting.

regards, huskyFund


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey there and welcome! Well that's what I have been doing since long ago but more seriously
    from the start of this year. I will PM you details on how to get started - we are a free group.
    However, you should start gathering some info on your own hand as well, never only trust
    just one person, not even me.
    So read some guides and blogs here and you will even find my own articles so you will learn more about me too.

    Good luck!
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