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Insured Trading review. Total scam!


Few days ago I got an email about amazing auto trading software... as usual :)

Insured Trading is yet another scam system. I will not even bother to speak about video presentation. Actor that claims to be a millionaire willing to share with you magic software for free.

What happens after you sign up? You sent to make a deposit. Oliver Breitner (millionaire/actor) trying to convince you to trust this broker. That's it!

No software, no system, no nothing, just a scam broken page inside their member area.

Also I liked some laziness from developers. For example if you click on "privacy policy" or "disclaimer" you will see that this pages is not even on the same domain. Actually you can change parameters in url and this pages will magically change. So this guys made a template for next projects :D

Does anyone else had any experience with Insured Trading?


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Thanks for sharing. Of course, Insured Profits, Insured Trading, profitmaximizer, copy buffet, NEO2 and many many more
    are scams. In fact, no need to name them all. Let's just say all these autotraders are just made to make you deposit
    with a broker and rip you off.
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