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Banc de Binary ( = 100% SCAM

DO NOT invest with Banc de Binary. You WILL NOT see your money again. They scammed me out of 50K USD. My account manager Thomas Verona and Andy Price bated me to repeatedly invest since Jan 2016. Thomas advised that I should only execute trades that he gave me if I want to win. Won many trades (rarely lost) and my account balance grew to $250K. Then when I wanted to withdrawal, they convinced me to protect my standing as a VIP by increasing my trade volume to 800k. I fell for it and subsequently Thomas gave me a quick succession of loosing trades taking my account down to 750 dollars. His explanation is that the market went against us (he said we were partners in investing). I have read many of the same stories on the web. Being registered with CYSEC doesn't matter. CYSEC will not help you. Stay away and protect your money.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    edited September 2016
    They have a bad rep. and their last lawsuit led to settlement of 10 Million USD.
    They settled so they wouldn't have to go to court and lose so they tried to
    "hide" it by settling. People don't do enough research, if they did they wouldn't keep
    signing up with a broker that has been warned and fined so many times...

    Edit: it was 11 Million... lol.
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    utopia1961utopia1961 Posts: 4
    I have a complaint going at the moment with banc de binary relating to various issues with account managers and a few other things. tracey Ludlum is dealing with it so hopefully it will be resolved, but I have made withdrawals from them before with no problem. keep you posted
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    ReichardReichard Posts: 1
    The complaint about the fraudulent activities of Banc De Binary LTD in relation to the funds in the amount of $ 29,900.00, transferred by me to the company’s account at the site In my case, the employees of the company stole my money using fraudulent and sustained action towards me sending their fictitious offers to provide brokerage and educational services on the internet, phone and Skype. Having a direct intent, the company’s manager acted for personal gain recommending me to send 100% of the deposit, creating misconception about the rates insured on his recommendation (as recorded in the Skype). I lodged a complaint with the CySEC on November 1.

    CySEC redirected the complaint to BBdebinary. After that, in a telephone conversation the employees of the company Banc De Binary LTD offered to return 10% of the invested deposit to me to stop my further actions on the exposure of their criminal activities on theft of cash from customers.
    Then I have received a message containing the information on the consideration of my case by the Governing Council of Banc De Binary and approval refund of 20% of money swindled out of me. Sending this message the Company has admitted their guilt in the committed offense, actual situation and abusing my trust.

    In addition, after that, I received a proposal for “full insurance investments”, confirming the fact that the company promises their customers 100% insurance of investment at a certain balance in the account, provided that the trader opened a position on the platform on recommendations by the personal manager.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    jibjab said:

    im guessing you guys let them trade for you.

    yeah, you never ever do that. but that kind of thing will likely get squashed soon, the regulators are getting wise to the third party scams and aggressive/fraudulent call centers.

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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Sorry to hear that. So what's the plan now ImBinary?
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    markbaxtermarkbaxter Posts: 45
    edited November 2016
    Sorry to hear that.... I never like them; too much complaints.. I really don't know why Banc De Binary is usually marked as a good and safe broker..
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    Pleet396Pleet396 Posts: 1
    I was told by the QUANTEMCODE.COM Binary Trading Software, that I have to INVEST with a BROKER of my choice to get the AUTO-PILOT SOFTWARE. $500.00 U.S., was the least money to start with, and I picked BANC DE BINARY, as my Broker.
    QUANTEMCODE.COM BINARY TRADING COMPANY called me and said that I picked the wrong BROKER, and that I'll get Scammed from Banc De Binary.
    I called Banc De Binary asking for my $500.00 back, and my BROKER MANAGER actually told me about the QUANTEMCODE SOFTWARE being a SCAM.
    To make a long story short. BANC DE BINARY, sent me my $500.00 back to the Card that I used to make my Deposit, and it only took them 1 DAY.
    Out of the 10 BINARY TRADING WEBSITES that I have been SCAMMED ON, BANC DE BINARY was the only BROKER Company that told me that I can't Trade with them if I live in the U.S.A., and they were the ONLY Broker that gave me my TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY BACK WITHOUT FILLING OUT A BUNCH OF PAPERS AND WITHOUT SENDING THEM ALL OF MY PRIVATE INFORMATION!!!
    I don't think that there's 1 HONEST BINARY TRADING WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET !!!
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    well, the quantemcode is a scam too, just fyi. They make money when you deposit with a broker, so they made money with your BDB deposit, and with at other deposits you made. Trade for yourself, there are good brokers. If you are US go to NADEX.
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