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Bruce T Leitch Vancouver Canada ! Penny Stocks , Private Placements.

UnderdogUnderdog Posts: 2
I would be very cautious in any dealings with this person, a small group of us sent over $30,000 from London England to finance a new company " BioSecurity Inc " around 5 years ago the money was supposed to be used for floating the company on OTCBB exchange.

Company details are registered in Nevada.

To this day we have never seen a penny of our money or any explanation on what it was used for, we have tried to contact Bruce Leitch on many occasions in the hope that we will get a update and our money back, he will no longer respond to any calls or emails although he is still operating.

He seems to be involved more with penny stock deals and operates out of Vancouver Canada,
he has also been involved with the following company's in one way or another.

Virtual Medical Centre inc OTCBB: VMCT

Finway Capital Corp

CelLynx Group, Inc. OTCBB : CYNX

And he is now the COO of StonePoint Global Brands Inc TSX-V: SPG who operate out of Canada.

He is now also COO of ENVV Envoy Group Corp. 2016

He is now also Director of WTER Sep 2016

Anyone one wants proof of this or wants to write a story you can contact me and I will be happy to supply the details.


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