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leejonhouseleejonhouse Posts: 4
Hi, does anyone have any up-to-date information about lotzofbotz' SignalRush platform? It looks really outstanding compared to the majority of signal services out there and theres discussions from about a year ago saying its almost ready, but can't find anything recent about it. Thanks!


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    I don't think they're doing that anymore... Lotz retired from the forum, not sure how to get ahold of him. And forget about signals, it's all BS, learn to trade yourself it's way more fun.
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    leejonhouseleejonhouse Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply, one of the admins gave me an email address for him... no response though, and yeah can't find anything about it so much have been ditched.

    Thanks for your advice!
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