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Free VPS for 1 year thru Amazon Web Services

Not sure which thread to put this one on but since it deal with MT4 I thought it would fit in here.

Today I will be showing how to get a free VPS thru amazon web services. What I find is people that do know about it can get signed up fine, but they can never get it running as Amazon does not really help out to much on that end. Hope you enjoy the video!
Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)


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    mscoffmanmscoffman Posts: 14
    Hi Bryan, or anyone else like Lotzofbotz who wants to comment...I used your above video actually get an
    AWS Amazon EC2 VPS server and I will be eternally grateful, as it works great but I have a stupid non-detailed
    question for you as I am familiar with Linux/Unix systems but less with Microsoft. And, Yes, this question
    is associated with running Jaxsignals app.

    I have gotten Amazon VPS to run instances of Windows Server 2008 RB2. I can fully control it and use the
    Explorer Web browser on the remote VPS machine using the Manager Screen. I can ping back and forth
    between the VPS and my control laptop using the IP addresses discovered from inside both the browsers
    on both machine using ""

    -> My stupid question 1 is; What should I do now? How can I get the (10) files and one subdirectory (!)
    that runs on my laptop and implement jaxsignals app. to exist on the VPS disk storage with the fewest
    keystrokes. So that they can start and run...without using insanely excessive security "best practice
    procedures" and also without punching any undue security holes in my existing VPS's net security?

    I can't seem to drag and drop directory folders to the console manager. and I can't download files from
    the VPS browser, I assume because I don't have the browser configured for accepting loading extensions
    or something. Even if I could do Web downloading from Mediafire, I would still need unzip file decoding
    as a separate step. Again I not asking about best VPS practices, but "easiest, not risky practice". Also I
    don't know how to enter any "console control" mode screen, if one exists.

    I am somewhat familiar with Linux/Unix but not how to do this with Microsoft Server.

    -> Question 2; Do you happen to know what to do to force the server instances entry out the instance-log
    immediately without sitting around in "terminated" status mode for an uncertain amount of time?

    -> Question 3; I seem to see that VPS time is set to something other than EST (probably GMT) will I need
    to change it for my application?

    -> Question 4; Should I watch for anything to prevent build-up that could accidently affect my AWS "free"

    Thank you; Mark C.

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    BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    well I can answer # 1, just make sure before you connect in settings that the clipboard is enabled, then cut and paste.
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    mscoffmanmscoffman Posts: 14

    Yes!!! Thank you, Bryan... I owe you a brew.
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    BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    I prefer Guinness :)
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    toby1977toby1977 Posts: 7
    I tried that too, I switched with Contabo VPS ..
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