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Capital Bank Markets is a 100% scam!

jesseajessea Posts: 2 is a scam broker who will never give you a withdrawal or even respond to your request for one. They are also tied to Greymountain Management for credit card processing. I have been told Greymountain is setting up BO fronts to accept deposits for over a hundred fraud binary options companies. They have no intention of ever returning your money. Don't use any broker who is not regulated by NFA, CFTC or at least Cycec. I don't trust the Cyprus brokers either. I've been burned by two of them. Most brokers are manipulating prices so you win less often. Especially if you start winning trades, you'll get their attention and suddenly you can't win better than 50% anymore. It takes some effort to catch it. But they already have your money. It's too late then.


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