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Binary Options Bots and providers - Just stay away (banco de binary, tradorax, secured options etc)


so anyone who saw my recent posts will notice my negative comments about options bots and providers, it is all a scam after extensive research. I decided to gamble 500 usd in a few accounts for some research over a 4 week period.

I was open minded at the beginning when I started, but was aware that so many people already had said they were dodgy and not reliable, but am a firm believer in forming my own opinion. I also used to work in a bank, so know a thing or two...

Anyway, so after weeks of research I selected a few bots that had best ratings and reviews online.

What I also learned is that the promoters on youtube seem to say one is a scam and one is not, however they are all scams. The promoters pretend that some are not scams to give you confidence and appear to be bonafide honest people, absolutely not. They only say some are good to get some revenue from the bot providers. I also have some trading knowledge and decided to check the option selections versus the forex/stock charts to see if there was any connection to trends, often the bot would say buy/sell XYZ when clearly the trend is going the other way etc. So can only conclude the bots are randomly selecting the binary options, so it is blind gambling.

Systems i tried and also mirrored on forex/stock charts: (completely random gambling)

-social tech trader (completely random gamlbing)

-neo2 (claims to use weather, such a joke and random gambling)

Brokers, that also offer signals

-tradorax (stay away, would not give me my full balance back, also very aggressively tried to push me to invest 5k which i refused, not regulated)

-secured options (very shadey and have office on some small pacific island, not regulated)

-banc de binary (con artists in cyprus...who my designated agent lied about trial offer and i lost 50% of deposit, although are only regulated one i found)

Another tip, do not accept joining bonuses, they then claim that your wins are not fully refundable when you try to withdraw. More smoke and mirrors.....

So, although the experience was like online gambling at a casino, I did have some ups and downs, but currently it is basically all a scam.

Good luck


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey dear. You know, you don't have to jump off a cliff to form your own opinion of whether you gonna break your neck.
    Research can be done without throwing away 500... but sure if it makes you feel better. At least I hope you learned your lesson.
    To people who keep trying out autotrader after autotrader I only say: if you bang your head against the wall once and it hurt the first time
    why do it again expecting a different result... Autotraders all come with the same pitch, they are free because they make money when you lose
    money and therefore they MUST make you lose. Now feel free to try a 100 of them if you wish but once you see one it doesn't take a genius to
    see the next one is a scam with a different name. The keyword here is proof/evidence, where is the evidence that these things ever work? No where, it's just the same old fake testimonials, fake results, BS stories about secret agents, satellites, Wall-street magic systems and other nonsense...

    Anyway, no it's not ALL a scam. Somewhere you have to admit to yourself that you were too gullible and thought you were gonna get rich over night
    with some super magic autotrader. Seriously, anyone thinking that should at least have the decency to blame themselves just for a second...

    Furthermore, there are brokers that payout and you can learn how to trade but it takes time and it's not really as easy as many like to believe.
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