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Brokers, rates and signals.

alex16alex16 Posts: 10
Ok, so bear with me here...I have a question regarding the above. I am new to binary options, I signed up to a broker (Opteck) Now I am looking to switch brokers as they don't seem offer a brilliant return rate compared to 24Option and I'm sick of the phone calls trying to get me to invest 10k with them. Now, my question is would 24Option offer the same rate on a currency pair as say any other broker or a web-based programme like NetDania or Trading View. Here are some rates I jotted down on the USDJPY pair.

Opteck - 105.191
NetDania 105.181
Trading View - 105.188

My question is, would 24Option offer a similar rate as the above...I am assuming it would offer something similar? So, the idea behind my question is based around a signals service. A close friend of mine runs a signals service. They have been good so far and have been helping me learn about charts and binary in general. They are very transparent with wins and loses and I am happy with their service. Would their signals be just as valid across the different brokers? I can your eyes rolling...sorry for the stupid question!

In short, would 24Option and Opteck offer a similar rate across a currency pair?


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Well dear. Why don't you stop being lazy and actually open your charts and have a look?
    So many newbies wanting to be spoon-fed here. Open up 24O (don't even have to register, open up MT4, go to your
    friends signal service then compare the prices. If their wins show 105.188 as a winning trade but on 24Option it expired at 105.186 then you will
    know, right? Pretty simple.
    Most signal services make up their own quotes hence their amazing win rates they claim to have and yes, different quotes + lag
    is also a reason why I don't like signal services in general.
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