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Please be careful when dealing with TRADORAX

Has anyone dealt with TRADORAX? Around the beginning of this year I was contacted by a person in the name of ROBERT CANE who convinced me into investing at this company. He said I could start with $350 or less so I decided to go for 350.00 . He promised me a minimum return of 85 percent on this investment but it never happened because after some time I was contacted by another person from the same company whose name was Adrien Ferrera. I invested approximately one thousand dollars more because he told me I need to invest enough to be able to trade and then withdraw so I complied. Then Adrien Ferrera could no longer be contacted. After some time I was contacted by a DAVID MILLER(he said Adrein Ferrera was no longer with their company) who was more aggressive than the previous brokers and I ended up investing upto 10000 US dollars in the hopes of some profit and to be able to withdraw my money. He kept calling me constantly and finally attained his goal of convincing me. After that I never heard from David Miller . I called several times and even SKYPED but no reply. Finally after leaving several messages I was then contacted by a Henry Johnson. When I asked him about David Miller he said that D. Miller had an unfortunate car accident a couple of weeks ago and was away for some time . I told him I had been trying to contact him since 2months but no response. Henry said I should Skype him and tried to convince me that I should invest another 5000 dollars so that I could withdraw because he said right now I could only withdraw 890 US dollars. I asked him what about the rest of my money. He said unless I invest 5000 more I can't withdraw anything at all more than 890 . I asked him what about the rest of it all . I refused to invest anymore, I told him I didn't have money to invest so he said he wouldn't be able to do anything then. I told him this was a scam company and everyone who contacted me were scammers. He didn't take too well to that but I don't care.
Please tell me if there is anyway that I could have justice from this company and get my money back. If anyone else has had an experience like this please advise!!

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