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Israel about to regulate binary options brokers and hunt down the fraudsters!

blackwarriorblackwarrior Posts: 27
edited November 2016 in Brokers
There is big news coming about Israel shutting down all the binary options companies and putting these guys in jail! Finally the likes of Banc De Binary and Michael Freeman will soon be made to pay for their crimes. Raid after Raid next they will find you. Hope you guys are not supporting any scam brokers because they are about to be gone lol. Good news for the few legit brokers out there though.

Can't wait till they add people pushing all those scam bots to the list.

Hauser also urged regulators around the world to contact his organization on behalf of binary options victims in their countries. “We’re saying to all regulators overseas who want our help, turn to us, and we’ll do the investigations for them. We can’t initiate it. They have to turn to us.”


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Sounds like good news so even if they hide under a fake address in Seychelles but they operate from Israel they are gonna
    have to answer to the law (I hope). But I don't know if they can do much about these bucket-shops who start a company, get deposits
    and then they shut down and re-brand to another bucket-shop after a year or so... Even if it's illegal they don't care.

    Perhaps a good additional approach would be to work together with banks and demand them to not make transactions to unauthorized Broker's accounts.
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