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Stay away of CTOption!

Conclusion: At best, the deposit minus loss is paid back.

After the first few weeks, my deposit had fallen from $ 500 to around $ 200.
The senior account manager Nicole Schuster offered me a test week with the Replicator Pro, who then raised the account to $ 2100 within 2 weeks.
Nicole promised: This profit of $ 1900 will be mine after 3 months, if I use Replicator Pro with at least $ 3000 deposit - so I paid another $ 2500 (April 16).
After one month my account stood at $ 5100 (+ $ 500). But then it began. The performance was negative and the account dropped to $ 4300 until I deleted the replicator. Intermittent mails and telephone calls with Nicole brought no improvement.
At the end of July, I applied for payment. On September 20, I received $ 2099 and $ 1942 were retained as "Adjustment". CTOption leaves me idle - a reason or explanation is still missing today. Only John Wilson (VIP Account Manager) wanted me to pay another $ 5000 and he promised we will have great success ...
NowI have enough and choose this way to hopefully keep other people from registering at CTOPtion.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey there. Unfortunately you fell for a scam.
    "senior account manager Nicole Schuster offered me a test week with the Replicator Pro"
    That "account manager" is in conflict of interest with you. Today, any serious and regulated broker even mentions this themselves
    in their terms and conditions! CTOption does not have such a good rep so you are not the only one getting scammed.
    Another thing you need to stop relying on is autotraders and any other get-rich with no effort crap anyone offers.
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    djw16djw16 Posts: 1
    Ctoption is a modern gypsy rip off. They got me for $15000. They seemed legit in the beginning by building up my account and even letting me take out a small withdrawal. Then they promised to build my account up with larger deposits. Well they did that! But went to try to withdraw and they emptied my account of $18000 by doing bad unauthorized trades. I build my account up and tried several months later to get a small withdrawal. They said I had not money in there it was all bonus money. They let your losses be with real money and the funny money you cannot withdraw on until I trade $ 450000 worth of bids. They work out of Israel I am told and rip people off of over a billion a year. There is no government oversight in Israel or the U.K. I'm seeking legal representation with lawyers in Israel and I might get Bach 50-70 per cent. Don't be fooled by there false location, false names or 100 per cent rigged for you to fail scheme. I feel like such an idiot to fall for there slick marketing and lying reps. Please don't fall for there lies, if it sounds to good to be true it is!
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    and you totally fell for it. It sucks but come on, they lured you in with that replicator...those profits should have been yours if they were using your account, if they had made losses they would have been yours for sure. Those wins were nothing more than bait, totally BS, they used to get you to deposit so they can keep your cash and keep feeding BS.
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