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Which Instrument Do You Trade And Why?

Just re read Cory's great article on this and would be interested to hear all your thoughts


  • mifunemifune Posts: 160 ✭✭
    For me, I've largely stuck with trading assets with which I'm familiar, although I have skipped around a bit to expose myself to various markets. A big consideration is also the pay-out one will receive at a broker.
  • mickjenkinsmickjenkins Posts: 4
    i have had a fair amount of success with trading gold. Im in the UK and therefore the price fixing times of 10-30am and 15-00 GMT are easy to follow. I was advised but someone a while ago to "watch for the sharp increase or decrease around those times" and amazingly it happens most days. Its like it gives the price of gold a quick electric shock before it settles back down or back up depending on the direction of the "spike"
  • fxanywherefxanywhere Posts: 18
    Fascinating article especially for those who are able to read between lines. I think every material -article or post should be perceived through your own trading prism I mean do not intefere with your trading views but to supplement it.
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