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Hi everyone!

I was wondering who here know about these companies that help you in trading online?

Couples years ago I started trading on two big brokers (Ez trader and banc de binary) and both platforms assigned me an advisor and most of the time they made me loosing… To tell you the truth I lost quite a lot of money and I was thinking that trading was not for me… Then I approached a company called James Ford Capital that offer me to teach me deeply the trading system, to build a financial plan and to conduct part of the capital in order to ensure a profit between 5 to 15 percent profit… The big deal here was they do not ask you to pay any fee until you withdraw profit and it is only 10%… I was curious and I started to use their services…

To this date I made an average of 10.2% profit monthly. I was sure that some troubles will appear somewhere but I actually withdraw more money than I invested…

I asked my account manager (Michael) how they make money working that way… According to him, they have a lot of clients with big accounts; the 10% profit generated by the company is a lot. He explained that clients are in confidence with them since they do not ask to pay fee upfront… which was my case basically…

I search on the forum and no one speaks about these companies that only provide services… What do you guys think about it?

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