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IQ Option platform for US traders

Hi everyone!

I just registered here, and I'm hoping I can get some help (or answers) with something. I'm a newbie trader, and I'm looking for a beginner friendly BO broker. I registered with Finpari, but I wasn't comfortable with having to trade $10+ per trade, not to mention having no control over the amount that I trade (Finpari has fixed amounts you're allowed to invest). So I went looking for another broker and found MarketsWorld. I opened a demo account and I like being able to invest in $1 intervals up to $1000. So much more flexibility. And I liked being able to see up to 4 different graphs (assets?) at a time.

But then, while doing research on YouTube, I came across a video of someone talking about IQ Options. And I LOVED the platform, and how you could see WHERE you bet relative to where the price was now, and it's just so much easier to follow. But, alas, IQ Options doesn't allow US trades. So I somehow got re-routed to BinaryMates, which seemed to be the same platform, and had all kinds of bells and whistles that got me very excited, but when doing research on reviews for BinaryMate, I couldn't find any positive reviews that I believed (they were all from affiliate sites or short comments that did nothing but sing praises). After that, I somehow found ExpertOption, which I found out quickly is pretty disreputable.

So now I'm a bit frustrated. I would REALLY like to work with a broker that has a platform like IQ Option, BinaryMate or ExpertOption, but with the reliability that everyone seems to feel MarketWorlds has. I will likely make a deposit with MarketWorlds, but I'm interested to know if anyone knows of a US friendly broker that has a platform like this? I've been to Ayrex, but their minimal investment is $5 and I don't think I was able to control the investment amount, so I wasn't comfortable there. I've also demoed TradeThunder, and I found their demo to be a bit Glitchy, in addition to some other things I didn't like about the platform.

Thanks in advance for any help or Advice,


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    roseytraderroseytrader Posts: 3
    Practicing on my MarketWorlds demo account while waiting for replies, and something I definitely don't like about MarketsWorld is that the expiry time changes randomly without your permission. I like to make quick trades, about 1min or so. MarketsWorld DOES have these (or at least the demo does), but if your not paying attention, these expiry times will randomly change to 30min or more. I know they are really reliable with withdrawals (from what I've read on reviews), which is really important for brokers, but I would really like to find a broker that maintains a consistent expiry time that only changes when I TELL it to....
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Well, for US traders, the safest approach is going with Nadex. I can't honestly point you to a good broker that
    accepts US clients where you won't have issues.

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    roseytraderroseytrader Posts: 3
    I signed up to Nadex, as I had been seeing everywhere how they were a good and reputable broker. I found their platform very confusing. And the complete lack of graphs was disorienting. Am I supposed to use a 3rd party graph somewhere to make trades there? Or maybe that was the Flash thing it said I needed. Which was weird, because I HAVE flash, but for some reason it wasn't working there? I also wasn't thrilled with the idea of paying $.90 to $1.80 just to MAKE a trade.
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    reaperreaper Posts: 60
    jibjab said:

    does iq options still use their fraudulent countdown timer?

    omg, what is that? haven't heard about this one before
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    micnostrandmicnostrand Posts: 1
    I know of brokers that accepts US traders and they are very good
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod

    I know of brokers that accepts US traders and they are very good

    no you don't, not unless you are talking about NADEX. Quit trying to scam people.
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