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*** Signal Hive Year in Review 2016 ***

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Signal Hive completed its 2nd year of operation, with 2016 seeing the addition of Hybrid, it's auto-trading plugin which integrates with Overall it was an above average year, with the peak of performance being hit in August where Dive and Sake Turbo, the signal streams, earned impressive profits for clients (around $0.5m in total), but also resulted in reducing payouts and removing certain hours as a result of them taking losses. This forced the Signal Hive team to re-engineer some of its night, high-profit signals, to fire around the clock and early indications show those engineering efforts have borne fruit.

Here is the performance by signal stream followed by an updated set of Hawkeye recommendations for 2017, by stream. The below data is from Feb 1st until December 27th, 2016) and shows that the best and most resilient Robots are Wave and Dive, both which achieved 61% ITM (195 signals) and 69.7% (175 signals), respectively. While Curve was profitable (60.3% ITM, 295 signals), it had high variance with months of below par profitability followed by months of super profitability. Dive and Wave proved to be more steady. As for the Humans, Sake Turbo and Sake dominated the pack, generating 60.0% (295 signals) and 65.2% (241 signals), respectively. Other signal providers who have had a very promising start in December are Pavel with 73% ITM (11 signals) and The Knick with 61% (18 signals). In 2017, we believe those creating an ER portfolio for Hybrid auto-trading of some or all of the above (with the exception of Mr. Sake and Curve, who while profitable, have very high variance), should be able to continue to generate monthly profitability. For those wishing to get the best of other, lesser performing signals, they may wish to use House Settings with the Hawkeye risk-management system that gets better entries on signals.

Signal Hive also had a bunch of human signal providers who did not generate profit even after a 3-month period and therefore are terminated. You can see their performance inside the Hive. We hold the highest quality bar in the industry for transparency and wish you a good performance in 2017. Next year we look forward to add two more, well regulated brokers, so that clients are no longer solely reliant on

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