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Rbinary is scam for sure

chengshchengsh Posts: 1
I am a victim of Rbinary. They disappeared on me after numerous unexplained transactions. They refused to get in contact with me.

Despite me instructing them to completely leave my funds untouched and do refund, they continued to use my funds for their trades.

They bluff me that every once a year, right after Christmas, there will be a major event for trading. Under pressure selling, they confused me to make commitments. They force people to agree to ridiculous terms then shortly after, they will disappear on you.

Your account platform with them has zero protection. They are able to change my password solely on their side. Hence, they can do whatever they want with your Rbinary account.

Rbinary also is partner with Android app "Binary Options Robot-Signals". This is how they even got my number in the first place.

Their hotline can usually only go through only limited hours per day. Their customer support is usually lady who is rude, and their account support is the same guy who has called you earlier to scam you. At least this is my situation.

I have filed chargeback on this rbinary's notorious business practices.

Please join me to fight this scam company. Together, we can have more chargeback, and we can get back our hard-earned money easier. Although we should never have difficulty getting it back in first place.


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    yeah, this is an uregulated marshall islands broker, not a great place to start.
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    marcusfmarcusf Posts: 4
    ha. they called me trying to persuade me into joining and investing. damn
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    runnerrunner Posts: 1
    i had only bad experience with rbinary too, first of all they are trading without my permission risking up to 40% per trade!! i told them to risk max. 2%, they ignore it several times. most frustrating thing is withdrawing my money, i´m waiting since oct. 2016 for over $ 10000,- no bonus problems - they say erverything is fine.. would do everything to get chargeback
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