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Crediting An IQ Option Account

I have been using an IQ Option Demo Account for 6 months. Several weeks ago I attempted to credit my Live account with a UK Visa card and then a UK credit card. On both occasions it was declined stating that the issue was with my bank. I checked with the bank and they said that no transaction had been presented to the bank. After finally getting a response from Support, I opened a new account - on their instruction. Again, when attempting to credit the account it failed. I contacted them again today and they informed me that it was an issue with the bank...again. I have researched online about using Skrill and there appears to be a lot of issues/complaints.

It would be appreciated if anyone would respond/advise as to the following;

1. Is IQ Options reputable.
2. Has anyone made any reasonable money. I make money and then lose it the following day using the same strategy but that might be my lack of concentration.
3. Has anyone managed to credit their account using a Mastercard or Visa Card.
4. Is anyone using Skrill and if so what issues have you experienced.

My apologies if I have broken any protocols of the forum but this is my first thread.

Many thanks and Happy New Year.


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    MrSmithMrSmith Posts: 3
    edited December 2016
    Hey, I'm also in the UK trading with IQ option. It is the only site I trust really, even on the app store they have a million downloads and are regulated to UK standards. I have never had any problems getting my money in to the app, I've used skrill once or twice and my bank account also. I've recently cashed out to my bank so I can vouch for that. I used a visa card to fund my account the only thing I can think of is your bank, maybe you have a setting that makes it hard for funds to be sent overseas, I believe IQ option is based in mainland Europe it might be a currency exchange thing? My bank is halifax
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    MrSmithMrSmith Posts: 3
    As for your strategy, I find most strategies go out the window for new traders once the emotions take over when losing, but you're not alone. A few days ago, I deposited £100. I dropped as low as £30, I was contemplating cashing out but then I got a grip and pulled it back up to 160, managing how you handle loss is key to staying afloat. Little steps.

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    Thanks for your comments, they have instilled a little more confidence in the platform. I was beginning to think that it was a scam.

    The last time that I used both Visa and Mastercard, they blocked my account. But I will attempt to use it now. If I'm unsuccessful and I have to use Skrill, even though it appears to have a lot of bad press; can I credit via Skrill and debit back to my bank. Also can I do the same with Mastercard.

    Furthermore, have you experienced only Bitcoin being offered at the weekend's before today, as I haven't. Usually there are 5 options.

    Well done for pulling it back. My problem is focus...I get bored and start trading on multiple options at once...Stupid really, as I can make a thousand in an hour if I focus and the conditions are good - mind you it is a demo account, so that could change on a live account.

    Really appreciate if you could come back to me on these additional comments...I do realise that I'm a sad bxxxxxd and it is NY's eve. Happy NY to you and hopefully you'll not have a head like a box of frogs on crack in the morning......
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    MrSmithMrSmith Posts: 3
    Problem is IQ option won't let you withdraw more back to your bank than you out into the platform, any extra profit has to go to (in our case) skrill. I'd avoid using cards with different names on they're very strict about everything needing to be in the users own name. As for weekend options, markets are closed, the only one that shows for me is bitcoin but I really dislike trading that option, due to the low return for the risk (usually 40%) and it's the least predictable, for me anyway. With the demo account, I was the same it gets a bit boring you just want to keep seeing the numbers go up and up, but trading your own money will be a completely different feeling for you. When I set my usual trade at £5, say for a 15min ending, I'm not thinking negative because I'm only making £4, more like if I get on my phone for a few minutes an hour I'm getting above minimum wage lol, I always go carefully. Happy NY
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    We are a well-known and reputable broker providing services in more than 170 countries all over the world.
    You can always contact our Support Team ( if you have any questions.

    You are welcome to deposit via bank card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro), e-wallets like Skrill (, Neteller (, Webmoney ( and Cubits (BTC).
    You can choose it here:
    The minimum is 10 USD/GBP/EUR

    Please note that e-wallets are easier and faster in terms of withdrawals.

    And we've got good news for you. We don't charge any fees when you make a deposit or withdraw funds.

    Regarding the withdrawals, your withdrawal method will depend on the deposit method.
    If you make a deposit from the card, you will be able to withdraw initial deposit amount back to the card, as it is processed as a refund. To be precise, you will be able to withdraw the sum of your deposits in last 90 days to your card. Everything that exceeds that amount (profit) should be withdrawn to an e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney) or via bank transfer (with a 53 dollars fee).

    In case you use an e-wallet to deposit, you will need to withdraw to the same e-wallet account only.

    In order to withdraw funds, you should make a withdrawal request from the withdrawal page:

    Also, please, check these materials to improve your skills: our blog ( and our educational section ( Also, you can always practice on your demo balance.

    IQ Option Support Team

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