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People from Optionbot are making huge promises based on nothing, not even a financial information. They started promising me a profit on a week that will completely change my life. Based on the way they talk to clients, pushing the clients to put the money without having any preparation in the financial field you can tell how unprofessional are they.
There has been no response from them when I started asking them what is happening with my money to my Email below except another message from an anonymous person who refuses to disclose their name.
As there are several issues regarding not only their lack of competency in the matter, the refusal to engage in constructive dialogue with me when they realized that I found out that they lost all my money, I told them that I want to stop and they got very rude telling me that I have no right to do that . So they wanted to take more money from me telling me that good things are happening right now on the financial market, of course bullshit just to take my money again. My advise is to stay away from OPTIONSBOT because the only thing they want is to steal your money and then disappear like nothing happened, they will enjoy your money and you will be just another fool that they tricked.
I decided with a couple of friend who were also scamed by Optionbot to let others know that if they decide to choose to work with them will be let without their money.


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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey there. Thanks for sharing your story!

    However, it's not just Optionbot or this or that robot. It's all autotraders and all robots that are scams.
    In general, these robot people make money when you lose, there is no point in discussing with them.
    They are in a conflict of interest with you, you lose they win.
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