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BinaryTilt - possibly a scam, be aware

JannJann Posts: 12
Hi all,

I want to warn you all about the BinaryTilt (, which seems to be a scam based on their behavior when trying to withdraw my funds.

This is originally a New Zealand company, but seems to have transferred all its activities now to UK. As per their website, they have address in central London, and are owned by a UK company Chemmi Holdings Limited (if anyone happens to know anything more about this).

I started using BinaryTint with small stakes early last year, and as their platform looked very good. I was appointed also a decent "account manager" who provided good analysis and tips as I am still newbie in this business. Then I was ready to increase my trading activity and wired them more money (EUR 5,000) which seems now like a big mistake. Immediately my previous account manager left the company, I was given some other guys who were completely useless and changing at rapid speed. Common thing was that when these new guys contacted me, they were keen on promoting their bonus scheme trying to lure me to transfer even more money into my account.

After I realized it was not that great service from them any more, and I also did not have that much time to trade and needed some money back, I made made my first withdrawal request on 16 November 2016. As you can imagine, now after two months that request is still pending and they are not doing much to complete that. The support desk suddenly does not pick up phone anymore, and I do not get responses to my emails (sometimes there is anonymous email response saying that they are looking into it).

I admit I should have done my home works better before starting to use them. I though they were licensed broker as some review sites so stated, but this appears not to be true.

I am now planning to report this company also to FSA in UK, but I am not sure if they can help me much. Please let me know if you have any tips what should I do next to get my money back.

Cheers, Jann


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