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How can I learn about Trading?



  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin

    Hope you are doing great so far? I am new member into this community. I would like to learn about trading well. What's the easiest way to learn about Trading? Thank you

    Hey. Well, there is no real easy way but avoid robots and gurus.
    You need a lot of charting hours. Try different strategies on demo and demo a whole lot.
    Read the blogs we have on the main page to learn valuable tips.
  • FerinFerin Posts: 29
    For learning purposes, you have to choose different sources of learning providers including trading courses offered online, trading websites, trading books, and from experienced traders as well. Now, its upto you to choose the best suitable source for you according to your position. Stay blessed!
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    Learning about the trading is an art as you have to start learning from the basics towards the technical aspects of the market. Moreoever, you have to choose the credible sources of information about the market as well. I would like to wish you best of luck for your future!
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    I always advise the new people who want to learn about trading that you need to join the Forex learning courses. It is a stepwise learning venture in which you have to start from the basic knowledge. If you will try to follow different sources then things will get messed up. Best of luck!
  • BossBoss Posts: 77
    There are various platform that allows the people to learn the trading, and a lot of forum discussion where newbies can interact with the expert and experieced traders, there may be some Youtube channels that can teach you this all you have to do is a little research and you will understand it in no time.
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Areding said:

    Training courses are good advice, but they should be free. I do not recognize paid training because there is no guarantee that the money spent will bring further income.

    Why should people work for free for you?
    If that's what you believe then you are already starting with a bad mindset.
    Of course, not all paid training is good, many are scams.
    In fact, the main issue with people is that they forget all about mentorship and education and want to
    turn a few hundred bucks into millions and all for free. I am not saying you can't learn for free, but as you already know, most
    people are losing money from trading and most people just follow some guru they found here and there who promised easy money
    instead of spending time and money on proper education. Treat trading like any other business if you want to be serious.
  • EnnenneraEnnennera Posts: 11
    I don’t think that all paid courses are scams,but,it is very difficult for a beginner to figure out which one is not scam.It would be nice if newbies could initially gain some basics of technical analysis and some practice on demo account.Learning material on could be a good start
  • BossBoss Posts: 77
    Trading is a field, which is a technical one, which requires too much knowledge and experience at the same time. Thanks to the demo account which has made the things quite easy for the new traders. Demo account is the best way to start your trading career as far as I think.
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    There are several ways to learn about trading, and being in forums like this one, so you are at the right place. Just go through the threads here and ask what you don't understand. You can also learn trading through free online courses available. Never pay for trading education coz most of it is fake
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    There are several ways to learn about trading, including this forum that you are in. There are threads that you can read through to learn everything you need to know. There is a lot of free education online that you can also make use of. My advice is that you should not buy trading eductaion coz most of that sold stuff is fake
  • John747John747 Posts: 1
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  • BossBoss Posts: 77
    I think that you can learn basics of trading in any of free online courses available on the Internet. Real knowledge starts with baby steps on trading platform. Experience means a lot in a trading world, so start slowly, coz you will need few years of trading to become professional trader
  • HulapointikHulapointik Posts: 46
    The most important thing I want to say to you in the first place - do not hope that everything will turn out quickly and immediately with high performance. No, I don't want to scare you, but this case is really not easy and requires a lot of effort and time. But I think it's going to work if you don't give up and get upset about nothing. I would advise you to start by orienting yourself in the most basic strategies in order to understand what suits you and what allows you to achieve more or less positive results, and after that to choose a narrower specificity, because you will not be able to work equally well with all types of assets anyway, each of us has strengths and you should learn to use them constantly.
  • ZululkreeZululkree Posts: 4
    The best way to get into the market is through practice, and the more time you spend on it, the more likely you are to get a positive result. In fact, I don't encourage you to use real capital right away, because without knowledge it will be difficult enough for you, you don't have to take risks for nothing.
    I'm talking about using a demo, because this is what will allow you to get into the market and understand its mechanisms. You will start to notice and define the regularities that are happening in the market. And it will allow you not only to be in the market, but also to trade in such a way that every action you take is conscious and directed at the result.
    I wish you success, and of course, address other questions, we will always help you.
  • coursestvisicoursestvisi Posts: 2
    Learning Automated and Algorithmic trading course with Python, Java or C# .net our courses are designed for traders, programmers and non programmers to train them into quantitative or algorithmic trading.
  • MannyJahMannyJah Posts: 3
    I am here new how I can learn Trading.
  • valiantmarketsvaliantmarkets Posts: 2
    Trading can be learn by spending time on reading blogs and understanding historical records. Use demo accounts for trading, this will help you know about ups and downs in stock market.
  • ElenGolElenGol Posts: 3

    Trading can be learn by spending time on reading blogs and understanding historical records. Use demo accounts for trading, this will help you know about ups and downs in stock market.

    can you share your favorite blog on the subject? or maybe a podcast. i'm looking for different sources of information at the moment
  • AllanGomezAllanGomez Posts: 1
    One thing to keep in mind is to steer clear of those so-called "gurus" and "robots." They might seem like a shortcut, but they're usually just a waste of time and money.
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