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Binary Tilt Robs 80 year old bed ridden paraplegic of $6000.

Can anybody help me?

The Binary Tilt Scam robbing an 80 year old - bed ridden 24/7 - from over $6000.00
About 2 month Ago a lady called Joy Stevens (Skype name Joy Steven Binary Tilt. She convinced me to invest $250 in Binary Tilt. I agreed to do this as she said that she would make sure I get the best broker at BinaryTilt who would do/give me a few small trades daily to grow my capital.
I explained to her that am 80 years old and cannot sit or stand but I am flat on my back 24/7 and that this money was taken from my medical allocation. She assured me that within a short period of time the broker she selects for me will have my account much more than my input. (When it did not happen I sent her a few emails… no reply I told her that she is a cheating lying little Wench. – never got a reply) she is still on the net doing the same to others
I got an email from .. Jack Lewis see below (I have original)
From: Sent: 11 January 2017 11:17 AM
To: Subject: From the desk of Jake Lewis at BinaryTilt
Hello Hans,
My name is Jake Lewis, I am a Senior Broker here at BinaryTilt. Starting today, I will personally be handling your account.
Please know that I am here for anything you need relating to trading with BinaryTIlt.
Jake Lewis
Senior Broker

My account is fully verified. My account has been dormant. Never heard from Lewis again after I replied to his email telling him what I was told he would do for me. Till Friday 27th January 2017 I got a call from Jack (I have his email address) who coerced me into putting R1000.00 in my account once he had used my credit card for this he continued to pressurise me and emptied my credit card to the limit of what was available $6000.00. He promised me with his hand on his heart ans swore to God that he would have the account doubled within a few days as he had some information that was not yet in the market place but about to be released. I will not go on, but On Monday 30 January 2 days later I realised what happened – irregularities in my account and no trades etc. I asked for my money back via their withdrawal facility and got a reply saying that they would peruse it and come back to me. When next I tried to enter my account they had blocked me getting into my account and it is still like that. I have lots of name within Binary Tilt offices and phone number of the company and email plenty
I have documentary evidence of the shenanigans that happened in my account. I have lots of typical fraud evidence in writing on email from them.
I have written multiple emails to all emails I have from them … 5 different people and departmental.
No replies. If you can do something for me I will forward all the correspondence by email and account verification with their acknowledgement of my deposit of 6000.00.
My fully verified account is still blocked from entering. I have all the various written proof also of irregularities inside my account.


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    markbaxtermarkbaxter Posts: 45
    Very sad to read such a story..

    Send your story with all doucuments you have to They might be able to help!!

    PS: I hope the link is allowed and didn't break the rules.
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    markbaxtermarkbaxter Posts: 45
    Yep it's true, but brokers and account managers puts impossible pressure on clients with unrealistic claims and promises.. They call you 30 times a day and telling "bla bla" stories..
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    Blue Sky BinaryBlue Sky Binary Posts: 157 ✭✭
    gabman32 said:

    how come you guys only find this forum after you get scammed? i'd think research, review, then look up the company, then invest...not backwards. I'm sorry, but you will never see your money again.

    This is because of Google's ad-auction system. The Israeli binary brokers cough up the most cash to appear on the front page. So new entrants into the industry googling "make me rich" or "binary options" first end up depositing at Mike Freeman's scam products or some other garbage in the industry. Eventually all bucketshops become the first home (and often last), for most entrants.

    This is why the churn is so high in the sector. Good services and brokers are nowhere to be seen on page 1.

    Team BSB
    Blue Sky Binary - Research, Education & Technology. Signal Hive - The No.1 Binary Signals Marketplace.

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    JannJann Posts: 12

    Very sad to read such a story..

    Send your story with all doucuments you have to They might be able to help!!

    PS: I hope the link is allowed and didn't break the rules.

    I have a similar story with the same scam company. Thanks for this link, I will try them too.
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