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Trading 60 seconds binary options using the Donchian Channel

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Hello, dear followers and binary options traders.
Nothing works on the market all the time, because it is irrational and it is changing all the time. We sometimes have a trend and range on the market, and we never know what we will get today. We use different strategies, we do test of them.
Many people don’t understand how to trade 60 seconds binary options. They do many clicks like basket trading, then they check their trades and see that they gave a bad performance. With other words they kill their account.
Now I will show how to trade 60 seconds options using the Donchian channel.
First of all, I suggest everyone which trades 60 seconds options to use Tick time frame and a linear chart. For this purpose you have to use the 3rd party software which has tick time frame. Charts software such as has 1 min time frame, but this is not enough. You sometimes need to pay for such software that provides you tick time frame.
You put Donchian Channel on the chart and wait for breakout. As I told you we never know if we have a trend or range market. On tick time frame you can see good moves that we see like visible good ranges in bigger time frames by using Japanese candlesticks. So we can go with the trend on those microwaves. Of course you need to filter what happens on the market with bigger time frames by using the charts of 3,5,10 minute charts.
For instance, If we see that market is starting its micro up move and we see that bigger time frame chart confirm that the market is going long, then we decide to go long too and we open a CALL position on 60 Sec.
How many positions we can open? Every break out of the upper line of the Donchian channel is payable, but I prefer to open a position when we have a consolidation of tick bars/lines. Then continuation is coming and new break out gives you to be with profitable trades. Buy until you get the 1st fault trade. You can use Fibonachi retracements and if you see the trend continuation go ahead and continue with your trades. The time of 30-60 seconds between your entries are ok, but your every trade depends on the market condition.
Never open a position against the trend. Don't try to Catch a falling knife.
You can also do tests or paper trading.
You can find samples of 60 options trades on
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I hope you learned something from this post and it will help you to place profitable trades.
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