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Tool for traffic analysis!

RecheelRecheel Posts: 13
edited April 2017 in General
Hello mate,

Sorry for my bit off topic here. But I think this could be helpful for you and your domain. I would like to introduce with you a new website analysis tool. You can use this one for website analysis, alexa rank, traffic statistic, whois data for website, website tools, domain tools and many more. You can find out more details here /NO thanks, no advertisement here. Admin

Thank you so much!


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    YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    Which tool was there anyway ? ;) Basically there are no more left free tools like that. I do not know what poster promotes here, but all things like that which gives really deep stats simply all paid now and you really need to pay money to see clear data, no ads here;)
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    ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    Please provide us with the links to such tools really anyway. Are you agree with me here or not ? I do hope it will really get this service sooner or later cause I am really totally lost now anyway. I do want to make it really better. Thanks for that matter.
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    KeriusKerius Posts: 40
    There are already tools for everything else here really. I do not really understand what is really going on, there is a tools like similarweb or something else I do not really get all this entirely. See my point with all that matter ? I do work with this.
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    Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    Too bad that admin already deleted all that cause I bet we all could see much brighter picture there anyway. So I reall understand that something much better. I could also post my opinion and provide feedback, too back it's really closed down now.
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