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PorterFinance SCAM


I opened account with porterfinance 4 months ago and deposited $200 in it
and after sometime I decided to withdraw amount and requested withdrawal
of $200 but it has been more then 50 days since I made request

my withdrawal is still showing processing
Whenever I mail them they make some excuses like it is holiday season etc etc.

So please keepo away from it as it is big scam. you will not get your money back.
Check here for Info


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    shafiqueshafique Posts: 2
    I am adding images as proof.
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    Blue Sky BinaryBlue Sky Binary Posts: 157 ✭✭
    Hello Shafique,

    Is Porter Finance regulated?

    Team BSB
    Blue Sky Binary - Research, Education & Technology. Signal Hive - The No.1 Binary Signals Marketplace.

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    BossBoss Posts: 77
    I don't mean to upset you, but if the withdrawal has been hanging for 50 days, that means that most likely you won't get your money back. They drag it out on purpose. For me personally any brokers who don't withdraw within two days are bad brokers.
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    FrJackHackettFrJackHackett Posts: 16
    I had an account with Porter Finance. I liked the fact that I could trade with as little as £5. Anyway, didn't trade anything for a while and then got hit with a £50 "dormant" fee, which they charge every 30 days unless you trade during that time. I had around £185 in the account and decided to just throw it all on a random trade. I lost, but I didn't really care as the money had been there for so long. If this post is anything to go by, it seems it wouldn't have mattered either way!

    FYI, browsed to the site the other day for curiosity, and it is not longer there. Did a bit of reading up and it seems they closed down a few months back. Probably why the OP had trouble withdrawing. I guess they had no money left to give out!
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    mrbinary108mrbinary108 Posts: 3
    I made a ton of money with Porter Finance-as an affiliate though!
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