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    Over the weekend, I was studying a lot of trading psychology videos on youtube. I figured that would be a productive use of time since I was not trading. Too many traders focus on the next great system, or their money goals, and just find frustration. I used to be one of those traders that did not take my mindset development serious. I thought being "hungry" for success was all you needed to be. Focused on the money goals. I could not have been further from the truth. But sometimes, you just don't know what you don't know. In other words, it didn't occur to me how important trading psychology was. Kind of scary, really, that people just walk around so clueless, when the solution to beating their inner demons lies right under their nose.
    I will start dropping by this thread once a week, and share a youtube link to help build that mental mindset that we, as part-time and full-time traders must maintain to stay on top of our game.
    Today, I want to share "Qualities of a Winning Trader" by Robin Dayne.
    Every weekend, I encourage you to find your own little "aha" moment. Never stop learning and growing.
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    Great info guys! Thank you for sharing.
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