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Iqoption prices (current market price) being ''followed'' by WHICH software?

yourfriendyourfriend Posts: 7
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I am new on this forum and would have an inquiry if you don't mind me asking... Recently I signed up on Iqoption broker and before started to trade, I noted down some strategies from youtube videos. Mostly the ones I liked the most with high profits. Creators/traders of videos I used were recording screen while doing trades in real time so everything was visible on their screen. Strategies looked very trustworthy, making big profits as shown on videos so I decided to use them.

Every trade I do, I fully respect what I noted down. Always taking a look that all conditions are met before i go into put/call trade. So far my statistic is the following:

quantity of trades done: 26
loses: 25
wins: 1

So basically I lost almost everything but fortunately I was using smaller investments into positions. There is still few cents on my account anyway so not yet a zero.

I decided to stay away from robots and signals. Don't trust them at all.

Got another idea which basically guarantees wins but getting its solution won't be easy. I am using for NONbinaryoptions trading (the charts where i decide on my own when to close positions - all possible trading elements except binary options) MetaTrader 4 and noticed that current market price (CMP) is completely different than the one is iqoption. The CMP of particular trading symbol (asset) should be the same worldwide regardless what is being used but seems like iqoption is using wrong CMPs. Anyway, I am NOT asking for reason for this but my idea is different: Looking for the software where would I check M1 (one minute) chart for particular CMP. Actually identical CMP*** being shown for IDENTICAL trading symbol right now in iqoption. Then in the software I am looking for I would check latest, I repeat again extremely important is that I check LATEST, situation on this exact CMP*** and based on the candle I would see where will trend go: up or down. The entire idea is based on requirement that iqoption's CMP has some delay on CMPs occurring comparing to some other charts, available in the software I am asking for. Idea is pretty much futuristic with guaranteed wins but as unrealistic as it sounds (i know it), i cannot be dependent on pure luck and bets anymore otherwise I will keep losing.

To describe idea on example step by step (completely random example with completely random chart M1 on link but please check it):

1. iqoption CMP is at 888.762
2. CMP on software I am asking for is at 888.750 as visible here (please check!):

3. if i want to immediately go into a trade on iqoption, i simply check on graph (see above) what happened at 888.762. As you see it is red candle, downtrend so I go into PUT trade on iqoption.

I tried to do this analysis with MetaTrader 4 but it didn't work. I guarantee that i checked exact CMP on iqoption and checked the LATEST ones but lost the trade because it went into opposite direction. Not sure how is this possible??? Exchange market is the same and i for sure used the same trading symbol.

Seems like MetaTrader is not few minutes ''before'' iqoption CMP. Which other software should I use then?

I am also in process of contacting university for computering science, they have own sector for both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision but I am still in process of creating appropriate message for them. Machine Vision most likely won't help but Artificial Intelligence might.

Would appreciate suggestion for software which is few moments in front of iqoption's activity (CMPs).

Kindest regards.


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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    wouldn't we all, ;-)
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    yourfriendyourfriend Posts: 7
    Hmm no replies so far. Again, if anyone can suggest me a software I was asking for, please do so... Everything I have are just loses and very few cents left on my broker's account.
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    Perry9Perry9 Posts: 5
    Price calculation? Open/close/mean, etc?
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    kudorsLVkudorsLV Posts: 36
    Tell me first this- You found strategies on youtube and to test them, you started with real money account. WHY?? You should have first tried them on demo account!

    You should get MT4 from some broker websites, because, i had similar problem with MT4. On my old computer i had MT4 and as we all know you cant download MT4 anymore from MT website. So i turn on my old computer and open MT4 and what i see there. I dont know why, but chart is different that iqoptions,freestockcharts,tradingview charts e.t.c One guy told me to download MT4 from broker and i did that from my latvian broker and now everything is good with MT4.

    I really cant explain why MT4 on old computer wich was downloaded from MT website years ago showed wrong price.
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    yourfriendyourfriend Posts: 7
    kudorsLV: you asked why did I trade found strategies (on youtube) on real money account instead of on demo account. My answer is because I wouldn't consider the work seriously if I wouldn't earn real money. Why would I work for something that doesn't bring me any earnings? One answer is to avoid losing real money (if trade is lost) and to lose ''virtual'' money instead. However if winning the trade then nothing would be earned as well. I need a job as I have been searching it for years. A job cannot be one with virtual money.

    I already have MT4, however prices in MT4 (referring to current market price) are completely different that prices (current market price) on IQ Option platform.

    However I am afraid you misunderstood the meaning of my primary post. I am asking for the software which shows the current market price like two minutes BEFORE IQ Option does, obviously for same trading symbol. So based on the fact whether the price goes up or down from the microsecond moment of observing it, I would do such trade on IQ Option platform. The success of winning trade would be therefore 97% guaranteed. Missing 3 % are only possible due to my manual possible mistakes:

    1% for accidentally pressing wrong trade button on the platform (put/call)
    1% for incorrectly reading the graph on the software I am asking for (i understood the trend from particular observing price to go up but in reality it went down or vice versa)
    1% for confusion with trading symbol

    Hopefully this is now more understandable so I could finally please get the reply matching my primary post. Been waiting for a while for it.

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    Blue Sky BinaryBlue Sky Binary Posts: 157 ✭✭
    edited February 2017

    Your post shows a very rudimentary knowledge of markets and how quote-feed providers work. It is good advice from Kudors for someone like you to actually not trade real money at-least for a few months otherwise you will probably blow the account. Practice on virtual and have the patience to learn the markets first.

    What you are referring to is 'latency arbitrage' and is something which is very rare given quote-feed harmonization algorithms used by most of the industry now. It was possible in the past but right now to get a stream 2 minutes before I.Q option is not only next to impossible (it implies IQ option is 2 minutes behind the real market which is absurd) but if in a very rare event you were able to get such access, you would be flagged for manipulation.

    The reason you see the differential in the quotes IQ option provides and those on MT4 is because of slight bid/ask differentials across market-makers or brokers that are powering your MT4 (and that can be literally hundreds). It can also depend on IQ's calculation methodology (average vs. VWAP etc); it is not because IQ Option is making up prices or has delayed prices.

    There was an incident last year where a Russian user tried to conduct latency arbitrage on and he had over $18,000 in gains reversed by the broker and was not paid out as he manipulated the system.

    As for a 97% win-rate, please get serious if you wish to make money in Binary Options. A very realistic and sustainable win rate over time is around 65%. You may experience periods of better, but anything over 80% into perpetuity is not possible.

    Team BSB
    Blue Sky Binary - Research, Education & Technology. Signal Hive - The No.1 Binary Signals Marketplace.

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    The quotations can differ for a couple of reasons.
    1) The quote source may differ from company to company.
    2) Most sources give the Bid price. We provide the (Bid+Ask)/2 price. More than that, we provide 6-digit quotes.

    Also, please, note that system manipulation is prohibited.

    If you have any questions about IQ Option, you can always contact our Support Team ( It is available 24/7!

    IQ Option Support Team

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