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ON NOES!!! Holiday Trading is Coming!!!

As holidays approach, you, as a trader, may wonder whether it would be a good idea to trade thru the holidays. FOREX (if that is what you trade) is 24-hour, worldwide market, you would think that this would be the greatest of times to trade, especially since money is flowing everywhere in commerce. But that is not really the case.

Holiday trading by my definition is From early December to mid January.

You will generally find the markets open even on the major holidays, hell even your broker will be open so why? The reality is that the volume becomes very thin, and Markets especially on shorter time frames becomes difficult or near impossible to trade. You will also see a lack of structure in the markets no clear range or trend. So it benefits the brokers to be open as they will make some nice profits off you if you are not careful.

SO the question becomes to trade or not to trade. I will trade the holiday season but I reduce stakes, go with higher expiration times , and if I do take a shorter time frame trade I really look to stack up my reason why I am taking it.

So as long as you aware of the market condition's and know when to say "Yea I am not trading today" you should do fine.

Hope it helps,

Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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