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Timezones While Trading Important!!

bsbZenbsbZen Posts: 84
Hello all,

I just wanna share with you the timezones while trading and that type of markets occur.

When London is open (EU) you have around 60% of the total volume of the transactions inside the day and most of the news happening. Therefore you expect to see a lot of price movements and the development of many trends. So more ''price action'' strategies working. Here the bollingerbands are more trending and parallel.

After London closes, and especially when US is the only open market , you have more quiet markets and less volume. So the price moves very often in parallel, or within a range of price levels. So you have more ''mean reversion'' strategies working. Also the bollingerbands are more flattish and horizontal in such a market.

And then later when asia and Australia are open you have a mixture of those two markets above.

This timezone you are trading is really important as it determines in a way the type of strategies that you are probably using :)

Kind Regards,

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