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Has anyone had experience with this robot platform?

dalpetsdalpets Posts: 7
Link to scam robot removed - do not link to robots or other scams please thank you //Moderator.

I have run there demo bot numerous times for extended periods and the profits, without fail, are almost too good to be true. Their broker (Stern) is unlicensed. Their minimum deposit is US $250.
I have emailed their support and they tell me their demo algorithm is the same as their live one. I did this because some scammers use inflated algorithms for their demos to suck people in.
You would think that those scammers who do this would be found out in no time as it's easy to verify simultaneously with a second computer, but to find out you have to pay a price. In any event if found out & they are unlicensed they could easily just start operating under another platform name to catch more unwary people.

I'm not suggesting the above platform is a scam, just being very, very wary.

Have you had experience with them?



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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    All these robots are scams and 99% require a signup with a scam broker. Then you lose and they make money, simple equation.
    Look at the other 1000 people asking this in the forum. Avoid the robots, they do not work, none of them perform better than even 50%.
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