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How to automatically get calculated quantity of pips?

yourfriendyourfriend Posts: 7
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Hi. For IQ Option platform, mainly for large drops (downtrend) and large rises (uptrend), I would like to know how AND where could I get automatically calculated quantity of pips for how many pips has drop or rise occurred? This way I wouldn't need to do the calculation manually:

quantity of pips = higher price minus lower price (get the difference as micropips)
quantity of pips = difference / 10 (to get pips)

The quantity is changing very fast according to price movement and it would be too much time consuming if I would have to calculate quickly for many charts.

To clarify: I am not talking about pip value but actual quantity of pips between X and Y location on graph. In case if IQ Option doesn't have that feature (it seems like they don't), where else, outside of IQ Option, could I get this info in real time for particular trading symbol being analyzed/traded on IQ Option?



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