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Welcome aboard! This is my official thread. I will post here my weekly results for SignalHive. Since start, i have fired 15 signals, with 73.3% ITM on Manual and 66.7% ITM on Auto Hybrid. I focus on Eur/Usd and aim for low volume (1-2 siimagegnals per day) and high ITM% on a weekly - monthly basis.
Feel free to join SignalHive, there you can see my live performance and subscribe to me (7 days free trial)
Maverick 1.jpg
910 x 560 - 51K
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    Last week performance March 13th - 17th 2007: Manual 4-1 (80%ITM) Auto 3-2 (60% ITM)
    March 13-17 Manual.jpg
    906 x 413 - 43K
    March 13-17 Auto ER.jpg
    448 x 355 - 13K
    Hi! im updating my performance for the week of March 20th - 24th: Manual 3-1 (75% ITM), Auto 3-1 (75% ITM)
    Manual performance March 20-24.jpg
    907 x 392 - 35K
    Aut-ER performance March 20-24.jpg
    532 x 564 - 38K
    SignalHive March 20-24.png
    1056 x 1300 - 215K
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    Great work man, I'm subbed to you, Kate and Sake T. Will you also offer trading on High/Low Broker?
    panther said:

    Great work man, I'm subbed to you, Kate and Sake T. Will you also offer trading on High/Low Broker?

    Hey panther! thanks! for Auto trading only works for now... but you can try to trade the signals manually on High/Low broker. Looking forward to a profitable April, and thanks for your trust!
    Performance update for the week of March 27th - 31th: Manual 3-1 (75% ITM), Auto 2-2 (50% ITM). For the month of March im at Man 17-5 (77.3% ITM) and Auto 14-8 (64% ITM). Glad to have first month in Hive with profits!
    859 x 415 - 41K
    HIVE 2.jpg
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    Hello! This is my performance update for the week of April 3rd - 7th: 3-3 on Auto ER. Unfortunately my last trade last week on AudUsd had a minor system error on the expiry, and it wasnt replicated. It was a winner, thats why i posted on Hive chat a 4-3 result, but because my followers didnt get that trade on their accounts, the real and exact results for the week are 3-3 on Auto mode. From now on i will only be giving my Auto results, as thats what really matters for my followers who are having my trades being replicated automatically on their accounts. Only at the end of each month i will give the total Auto and Manual results for the month.
    Auto april 3 -7th.jpg
    449 x 491 - 31K
    1056 x 1300 - 207K
    This thread will be closed, i will continue updating my performance on the following thread: Thanks!
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