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Mr. Sake - Signals on Signal Hive

HAI everyone,

I am Mr. Sake. Many of you may know me from years ago on Signal Hive. I will be giving weekly updates on my signal performance on the Hive auto trader!

My score this year so far is 50 wins and 18 losses, which is around 74% ITM.

My score in March was 25 wins and 7 losses, which is around 78%?

You come to Hive and you follow me I offer 7 day free trial.

Mr. Sake
Transparent Signal Provider on Signal Hive since 2015! Join me on, I offer a 7-day no strings attached (just like my love life) free trial!


  • pierredemarquepierredemarque Posts: 5
    52% for this month ....pretty bad month for ya ...
  • OptionsATMOptionsATM Posts: 35
    yeah it is summer i think most signal providers there are around 50% boo hoo
  • paveljablonpaveljablon Posts: 132 have shut down his hours since he was making too much money. They did last year and now this year. Best to trade outside those hours like I do. You can check out my stats.
    Transparent Binary Options trader and former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money. You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there.
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