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Signal Hive now integrated with Marketsworld and ETX Binary!

Dear traders,

We are pleased to announce that Signal Hive now offers fully-automated-trading at Marketsworld and ETX Binary! integration remains in place and therefore you have a choice to integrate your demo or real account with any broker or all 3 at the same time!

The team has also engineered Echo technology which means you can replicate a signal immediately in all 3 connected brokers! This technological leap forward brings Signal Hive into the pole position of signals market places in binary options as we are the only market place that integrates with these 3 brokers and offers instant replication across brokerages. Also note, that as Marketsworld accepts U.S citizens, the Hive now offers autotrading to U.S clients after 2 years of operation.

Stay tuned as more exciting developments are coming such as automated FX trading with a range of powerful EAs and signls on Bitcoin!

Good luck!
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